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Mindful Monkeys®

Better Together Programme


Angry outbursts?     Emotionally struggling?      Low self-esteem?      Unusually Worried or Fearful?

These are all signs that your child is struggling and when your child is struggling with their emotions,

they aren't going to simply come out and say it.

  A child's behaviour is communication 

Children don't have the understanding or the skill set needed to manage their big emotions yet and this can create challenging behaviours which can take a toll on the whole family. 

The Mindful Monkeys® Better Together Programme gives families the tools and strategies to lay the foundations towards being able to understand and manage their emotions, resulting in a more confident and resilient child in a calm and connected family. 

The programme is aimed at all 6-12 year old children who are struggling, whether it's anxiety, anger, bullying, shyness, low self-esteem or other emotional based behaviours. The programme is unique by working with both the parent and child simultaneously to achieve a fully cohesive result. By working together your family will begin to re-connect as you both learn how to support each other through your current struggles and truly become

Better Together. 

The MM®BT Programme consists of 6 sessions lasting approx 1hr and is delivered in a calm setting with plenty of activities whilst we chat and explore the content together. Each session has a different focus - we look at how our minds work, emotions, how we communicate with each other and explore self-esteem building methods to name a few - and within each session you learn proven strategies and tools that can be used at home. 

 I can help your little one feel braver and more confident in both themselves and their ability to deal with life's challenges and the big emotions they experience. 

I can help you to feel less worried and more confident in supporting your child by having both a toolbag of strategies and creating a more empathetic and connected family culture. 

What you both learn will stay with you for a lifetime

The MM®BT Programme is available in both a Group Course and a tailored 1:1 Course

and both programmes include all materials plus a follow up call 1 month after completion.

Please note that due to Coronavirus restrictions, All programmes

have moved online for the foreseeable future. 

Group Course

£35 Per Session


The Group Course is a 6 week programme for up to 5 families and offers the benefit of group support.

One to One

£45 per Session


The 1:1 Course is tailored to your family's specific needs and can be more flexible with times and dates to fit.

Next Step...

To start your journey, we book a 30 minute Discovery Call to find out how the MM®BT Programme can help your family.

This allows us both to fully understand what support is needed and to decide whether a group or the individual programme is the best way to support you and your child.

  Please use the button below to book your Discovery Call time with me. 

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