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Why Choose the MM®BTP?


  Why choose Confidently You Coaching and the MM®BTP?  

I was drawn to the MM®BT Programme after experiencing a few years of watching my eldest struggle before he was diagnosed with ADHD; 

  • He struggled to finish his class work on time due to inattentiveness, so he believed he was stupid.

  • He struggled to maintain friendships due to his impulsive behaviour, so he believed that he was un-likable.

  • He struggled to keep still and was often told to calm down or stop moving, so he began to believe that he was simply an annoyance.

His confidence and self-esteem plummeted, to the point where he told me in tears that he was “just made all wrong!” His behaviour deteriorated at home, his interest in school diminished and homework was a two hour argument every time! 


 It is utterly heart-breaking watching your child struggle emotionally and not have a clue how to help! 



When I saw that Mindful Monkeys Ltd were looking to train practitioners, I jumped straight it!

I knew that this was my opportunity to be able to help so many other struggling families and so I began my journey towards creating Confidently you Coaching and becoming a Mindful Monkeys® Better Together Practitioner.


The MM®BT programme itself was also created out of a mother’s need to help her child. Lesley Fraser, who is the founder of Mindful Monkeys®, and her daughter created the MM®BT Programme together. Upon finding themselves suddenly struggling, yet not being found 'bad enough' for help, they desperately needed a solution. They quickly realised that there simply wasn’t one out there that met their needs, so they created one! 

Completing the Programme during the training has changed our lives, I am more calm and confident in my parenting and my children are happier, more resilient individuals. 

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