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Mindful Monkeys® Better Together Programme

"Carolina Stepped into our household at the time both of my girls (age 4 and 7) were struggling with their emotions after going through the break-up of myself and their dad. My girls instantly opened up to Carolina's warm and welcoming nature which was lovely to witness! We spoke about techniques we could use to deal with our emotions as a new unit of 3 and had a lot of interactive fun at the same time. I learned a lot about parenting my girls through their big emotions and how not to 'flip my lid' when i was struggling too.

Carolina is so passionate and incredible at what she does, it's wonderful to watch her step into greatness" - Kirsty Lamb, Empowerment Coach for Independent Mums

"Our Son's recent Adhd diagnosis left us struggling to find help with the way we wanted to support him. Luckily we met Carolina and things clicked! We were on the same wavelength and she has such a calming, positive energy that it made it easy for us to trust that the Mindful Monkeys® Better Together course was right for us as a family.

My son felt instantly relaxed and has come to have a great self awareness and understanding of his Adhd. He enjoyed the time spent focusing on him and really benefited from the encouragement at such an unsettling time. Carolina really understands the issues Adhd brings to the whole family and it is obvious that she is caring and passionate about what she does." - Fiona

"I embarked on the Mindful Monkeys Better Together Programme with Carolina because life at home was becoming a massive struggle. Due to some big life events occurring my happy go lucky little boy had completely changed and was full of anger and frustration and had taken to not going to the toilet and withholding his bowel movements in a desperate attempt to take back some control of his life. At just 5 years old this was heart-breaking to witness and increasingly challenging for us all to navigate. In my desperate attempts to help my little boy other challenges began appearing with his older brother as he viewed a lot of what was happening as unfair. There was a lot of raised voices, frustration and tears on a daily basis and I was losing hope of ever having a happy home again.

From the 1st session to the last both boys were captivated by Carolina and I was in awe at her ability to hold the boys attention over a computer screen for around an hour each time. I started the course expecting the boys to learn more about communicating and managing their emotions, but the reality was that I was the one with the most to learn. And I did.

Using various tools, printouts and gifts we received in the post, Carolina gave us all a much better understanding of how our brains work, how different and how similar we are and all the tools we could possibly need to move forward. Carolina brought so much fun and engagement to the course that we were all sad when the sessions came to an end.

Even before we completed all the sessions, we experienced remarkable improvements in our relationships with each other and in our home. My youngest blew me away when he disappeared just before he would have normally exploded verbally and physically at me. He came down the stairs a few seconds later with his glitter jar in hand and began to use the breathing technique Carolina taught us. No fight occurred and it was replaced with hugs, conversation and tears of joy.

Life continues to be calm and happy at home and when we do have disagreements, they are over and done as quickly as they started when we remember to use the tools we now have and communicate. It takes practice, and the children love being the ones to remind me when I need to breathe!

I can’t thank Carolina enough for all her help and the lessons she has taught us. She has something very special about her that makes children and parents alike very receptive.

If you are struggling with your children and feel like you are living in a battle field most of the time I highly recommend going on this journey with Carolina and your family." - Tanya

30 Days to Healthy Living Programme

"I never thought that I could feel so awake! I have two young children and thought that feeling tired all of the time just came with the territory.

I was so busy, always rushing around that I would skip breakfast and then I'd then grab a snack mid-morning, which was usually something sweet or chocolatey or both! After lunch I had to fight to keep my eyes open and I'd often react irritably and annoyed that the kids had so much energy and I just wanted to sleep!

I simply thought that this was normal life for a busy, tired, at home mum. 

To my surprise, I now know that all that tiredness was down to my unhealthy food choices. I hate thinking that all that grumpiness and snapping at the kids could've been avoided had I looked after myself better sooner!" - Carol

"After years of trying one diet then another diet and getting nowhere with any of them. Feeling frustrated, I decided to try one last time and only because I knew Carolina and saw her own results on the 30 days programme. 

To be honest, I expected a shake heavy plan where I'd feel hungry in between and so I wasn't looking forward to starting.

However, I was surprised to see how easy this plan is! You simply swap the non-plan for on-plan foods, meaning I could adapt most of my own cooking to fit and I was given lots of recipes with some really tasty meals. Plus not once did I feel hungry! 

Never did I ever think that I could get these results in just a month! I've lost weight, feel more energised and my skin is so much brighter too!

It's changed my eating habits for the best as I am much more conscious about what I put into my body. Thank you so much!" - Client

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