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Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Ok, so I have finally figured out how to add the blog feature to the website and I'm excited to be able to share more with you all here!

So welcome to my first Confidently You Coaching blog post!

I started Confidently You Coaching out of a desire to help other families that are struggling to know how to help and support their child as they faced adversity and challenges in their lives.

We all face difficult times throughout our lives, however our children need us to be their rock and their guidance. They need to look up to us and feel safe in the knowledge that we know what to do to help them.

However, many a time, we parents feel that we are just winging it as we go!

(Sound familiar?)

Our world has changed sooooo much in the last decade or so that we simply can't seem to keep up; with new techonologies, tv on demand, less time outside, busy non-stop lives, pressure at school to perform and not to mention the growing awareness of mental health and wellbeing!

This is where our emotions are getting caught up!

We are all searching in the dark to understand how to feel about the world we live in now and how to best connect with one another. What are the new rules?

How can I support my child when I dont understand it all myself?

Why is my child behaving this way?

What can I do to help them?

We then fall into 'parent panic mode'.....

Which is scary and stressful and frustrating and our children pick up on these emotions emitting from us, which in turn makes them feel unsafe as their rock now doesn't feel all that secure anymore.

Britain's emotional ettiques have been based on a 'stiff upper lip' belief from a world and society that doesnt exist anymore. Yet a large amount of us still believe that showing emotions is weak and bad.

Science has proved over the years that not expressing and dealing with your emotions can have a hugely negative impact on the person's mental wellness.

We need to start understanding the power behind acknowledging, expressing and managing our emotions. Showing emotions is a stregnth (not a weakness) of character and results in a calmer, more confident indivdual who knows how to connect with others empathetically.

So how can we make a change? How can we help to move society towards a more empathetic world?

We start with us! We learn and we change and we adapt.

Then we role model emotional management and teach our children to do the same!

This is how we nurture resilience into our children to enable them to cope with adversities and challenges in life.

They are the future!

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